Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sasha and I need a vacation!

I am so tired and as you can tell by the picture above, Sasha my four-legged son, is exhausted too. He's with me every step I take and supervises me while I write, cook and everything in between. I love him so much, I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. He is my sweet boy.

Between working hard at finishing my book and running back and forth to Little Rock *which is 2 hours away* this girl is exhausted. I attempted to write tonight, but when I found I kept repeating myself and having to continuously go back and fix things, I knew it was time for a break. Plus, by the look of my son *See Picture Above* he is ready for me to take a break too.

So I decided to walk away from it for one night.

I am SOOOO close to being done, so I should still achieve my goal of finishing Kissed By Nemesis today or tomorrow.  Is it okay to say that I really love the two heroes in my book? Jared and Nemesis really work hard at making their relationship a successful and happy one. I liked them both and loved the story they had me tell. I'm very excited to see if you guys will love them like I do too.

Another fantastic thing that's happened this week is that Kissed by Death has been read and reviewed by several review sites AND they really liked the story! This is an oddity for me because I NEVER get reviewed so I am so thrilled and appreciative to anyone who takes time out of their valuable day to read and review my book. It really makes all of the hard work worth it and it totally makes my day.

So, I hope to actually finish my book and do some darn laundry around here soon. I keep hoping the laundry fairy will come and do it all while I'm asleep, but alas she never does. I guess she's to busy having a blast at the beach, drinking Strawberry Daiquiris and hanging out with hot men...lucky girl!

I think Sasha and I need a vacation.

Have a great day:)  See you soon.  *HUGS*

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