Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yummy Indulgences is now released!!

Today is a very happy day for me! My book, Yummy Indulgences is not available through extasy books!! I'm so happy to have this book re-released and through such an amazing publishing company.

Here is the blurb for Yummy Indulgences:

Sparks fly when blue collared worker Allen meets Shiloh the baker, but as their relationship becomes serious, will they be able to handle the heat?

 What should have been just another day, ended up changing Allen Garner’s life forever. He’d just finished the night shift as a supervisor at the rendering plant, when his sister gives him a frantic call asking him for a favor to meet with the local baker, Shiloh Ballard, and pick out his parent’s fortieth wedding anniversary cake. Reluctantly roped into doing this chore, when all he wants to do is go home and sleep, Allen is surprised and immediately enchanted by the beautiful baker the moment he lays eyes on him.
  Shiloh can’t believe a strong, masculine man like Allen would ever be interested in a rainbow flying, petite baker like himself. Immediately sparks fly between them and they are swept up into a whirlwind romance which soon turns into a deep love neither man expected. But there is one problem.  Allen hasn’t revealed his sexuality at work and because of this, their relationship must be kept a secret, causing both men to wonder if their relationship is strong enough to survive living together as a couple out and proud.

Thanks for checking it out. I truly love this book and this series and I am so thrilled about it being released!!

Here is the link: