Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Fun and Upcoming Reads

I have a feeling that this is going to be a busy week! Even though we've had our first batch of snowfall here at the Ozark National Forest, it really looks beautiful outside. What's funny our sheltie, Lil, does not like snow so it's been creatively interesting to get her to go outside to do her business. I've had to bribe her with extra cookies and/or go outside with her AND I've even thrown one of her toys out to get her to chase after it.

Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

On the bright side, when I'm not cleaning up dog puddles on my floor, there are some really great releases this week in the gay romance world. Two of my favorite friends and authors, Shawn Lane and Ava March both have releases this week. Pulling Apart by Shawn Lane was released over the weekend and it's a great quick read. It's the continuation of Noah and Charlie's story from Pulling Away.

Ava March's book His Client, is being released tomorrow by Loose Id.and I can not wait to read it! I love Ava's books and I have a feeling by all of some of the teasers she's given us on her blog that this is going to be an exceptional book. (I love her cover!)

When I'm not reading, I'll be finishing up my book, No Greater Love finished, sent off to my friend Linda for her approval, and submitted. I'm ready to write next book in the Men of Charlestown series. Shiloh and Allen from Yummy Indulgences will be making an appearance in it, and so will Nick and Josh from His Christmas Wish. I'm also going to be guest blogging at Silver Publishing's blog on the 19th of this month, so I hope everyone will stop by and say hello.

It looks like my week is going to be full! I'm tired already:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yummy Indulgences is Released

I'm so excited! Yummy Indulgences is finally released through Silver Publishing. It's the second book in my Men of Charlestown series. If you've missed the first book in the series, His Christmas Wish, you missed the introduction of Shiloh, who is a main character in Yummy Indulgences. Otherwise, it can be read as a stand alone read if you're not in the Christmas reading mood.

I've had several people ask me how many books I think the Charlestown series will be. As of right now I see about four more books that will evolve around these men. In the end they will all tie in together, but as of right now, I'm getting them all introduced one book at a time. The last book will be set several years down the road. It will be Daniel's book. I figure since he was such a major part in the first book he deserves his own book when he gets older.

Right now I'm still working on No Greater Love and then I'll get back to the Charlestown series. I hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 looks to be a promising year

I've been thinking about what my goals are for this year. I'm really not one to set resolutions like many others. The most common goal between most of my family members is lose weight, and while I need to probably jump on that bandwagon, I'm pretty happy with who I am in that way.

After some thought, I decided the goal I have for myself is to continue to write and hopefully write stories that people continue to like. My goal is to write at least one book or more a month. I'm in the process of finishing my latest work in progress, No Greater Love. I hope that I'll have it completed no later than the beginning of next week. I still have at least three more Men of Charlestown books to write and I'm about to start another series about 5 friends, which will be called the Circle of friends series. Somewhere in all of that, I'm planning on writing a western romance soon...if I can come up with a good plot that is...LOL.

All in all it looks like it's going to be a pretty busy year! I keeping my fingers crossed that 2011 will be the best and happiest year for all of us:)