Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Fun and Upcoming Reads

I have a feeling that this is going to be a busy week! Even though we've had our first batch of snowfall here at the Ozark National Forest, it really looks beautiful outside. What's funny our sheltie, Lil, does not like snow so it's been creatively interesting to get her to go outside to do her business. I've had to bribe her with extra cookies and/or go outside with her AND I've even thrown one of her toys out to get her to chase after it.

Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

On the bright side, when I'm not cleaning up dog puddles on my floor, there are some really great releases this week in the gay romance world. Two of my favorite friends and authors, Shawn Lane and Ava March both have releases this week. Pulling Apart by Shawn Lane was released over the weekend and it's a great quick read. It's the continuation of Noah and Charlie's story from Pulling Away.

Ava March's book His Client, is being released tomorrow by Loose Id.and I can not wait to read it! I love Ava's books and I have a feeling by all of some of the teasers she's given us on her blog that this is going to be an exceptional book. (I love her cover!)

When I'm not reading, I'll be finishing up my book, No Greater Love finished, sent off to my friend Linda for her approval, and submitted. I'm ready to write next book in the Men of Charlestown series. Shiloh and Allen from Yummy Indulgences will be making an appearance in it, and so will Nick and Josh from His Christmas Wish. I'm also going to be guest blogging at Silver Publishing's blog on the 19th of this month, so I hope everyone will stop by and say hello.

It looks like my week is going to be full! I'm tired already:)


  1. I can totally understand Lily not wanting to go out in the snow. I wouldn't either. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Lily:) She's still not thrilled about going out, but at least now she'll do it with a lot of begging!

  3. I'm with both Lilies, lol.

    Thanks for the mention. His Client is a great book, you will love it.

    And keep writing those books, Shell!

  4. She's adorable!! Aww!
    I've read two of the three books already and loved them!! Ava's is next.

  5. Poor little Lil. A dog's life is difficult. LOL. My dog is the same way - hates to go out in the snow, rain, cold, etc. I have to shoo her off the deck and then she'll just stare at me with that pathetic look.

    Good luck finishing up No Greater Love!

    And thanks! :)