Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Now Available through Extasy books!!

Kissed by Death is now available through Extasy books:)

Get your copy at:  http://www.extasybooks.com/Kissed-By-Death/

Want to know more about Kissed by Death?

Here is the Blurb:

When Gregory Harris was fourteen he had a massive heart attack during a baseball game. While others are desperately trying to keep him alive, a tall, handsome man in a hooded black cloak suddenly appears beside him.  Young Gregory instinctively realizes this man is the Grim Reaper, and has come to take him off to the afterlife. Just when he’s ready to be taken by the Angel of Death, Gregory notices his parents so grief-stricken, he begs the Angel of Death for more time on Earth to be with them. Shockingly, he manages to convince the mysterious being to allow him to live a while longer, knowing the consequence of not having an active life. Even though Gregory was around the Angel of Death for just a few short moments, he never forgets his handsome face, the surprising attraction and kinship he felt for the mysterious creature.

Seven years later, the Angel of Death has come back to claim Gregory’s life. Even though he is ready to move onto the afterlife, Gregory can’t help but feel regret because he’s never had a lover to call his own. Just as the reaper is about to take him away, Gregory remembers he once read if you are able to trick the reaper, you can be granted more life or even able to escape death itself. But Gregory has no intention of escaping the Grim Reaper, instead he intends to do whatever it takes to make Angel of Death realize they truly belong together forever.

Thank you for checking it out:)  I really appreciate it. 



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