Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend Plans

I've been visiting with some family this week. Ashley and Snow White spent a couple of nights with us and we had a great time! The bad thing about company is that I haven't wrote a single word this week! Now I've got to play catch up, but it'll be worth every second because I really enjoyed their company.

I mailed my contract for A Realistic Romance out to Extasy books and now I'm waiting to hear from them. I'm sure I'll be getting some edits soon, and hopefully I'll have a release date for y'all pretty soon as well.

I've got three books I'm working on. Two Blue Collared Hero books and my book about Samuel's brother Sidney. I've got to get a system together where I work on them equally, which will be easier said that done because I am not the greatest at keeping organized sometimes. I'm determined to give it a shot though.

Chris is dragging er...taking me to a car show in the morning. I enjoy going to them sometimes, but I'm not in the mood to go. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll feel differently about it, especially if it's as pretty a day tomorrow as it has been today.

I am reading one book this weekend.

Shawn Lane will have a new book out from Amber Quill Press this weekend called Still the One. YAY! It's a continuation of Malcolm and Dusty's story. I'm pretty excited to read that. Otherwise I plan on doing a lot of writing.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Happy Reading!


  1. How nice that you got to spend some time with Ashley and Snow White.

    I'm looking forward to your new book coming out and yay, three more in the works, that's awesome.

    Hope you and Chris have a great time at the car show. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Have fun this weekend, Andi!
    I can't wait to read about Samuel and Merrik. I'll be marking my calendar as soon as you tell us the release date.

  3. Awesome news all the way around. You could try the TA thing. He chooses different days of the week to work on different stories. I'm thinking of that method myself

  4. The car show...ah, the things we do for those we love. :)

    I've found my creative side does not like systems. She's a rather unruley b#tch. lol. Here's hoping yours proves more cooperative and you find something that works for you. Maybe do chpt 1 of all three, then move to chpt 2 of all three...

    Spending time with family always makes having to play catch up worth it :) Hope you have a great day tomorrow at the car show and a productive weekend!

  5. Thanks for the ideas, y'all.
    Shawn, I think you and TA are writing machines! I admire that:)
    Ava, show. He's about to take me to it in a minute. UGH!
    I hope everyone has a great weekend. It's really beautiful here today. Too beautiful to be looking at old cars! LOL