Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Little Rant on a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it is today! It's been hard staying inside and pounding away at my keyboard today. I've written about two thousand words on one of my blue collared labor stories, and I plan on writing more tonight.

One story will be about Chase and David. Chase is an emergency room RN and Dave is a mechanic. Chase has been out of the closet for years. He's recently gotten out of a bad relationship and is looking for a man who isn't ashamed to be seen and to be out and proud with him. Enter Dave, who has lived firmly in the closet all of his life. Dave knows that if he gives into his desires he will be disowned by many family members and friends. Once Chase and Dave meet, sparks fly and both men have to decide if their love is worth fighting for.

When I've pictured Chase in my mind, I've thought of Paul Walker. Paul has been in several movies, but he's best known as being in the Fast and Furious movies. There is something sexy about him, not to mention he has that boy next door quality about him that I absolutely love!

Dave has been a harder character for me. He's older than Chase and has had a rough family life and a tough time keeping his attraction for men under wraps all of his life. Chris and I watched Road House the other day and once I saw Sam Elliot, Dave was born. There is something about Sam's tough exterior, including that sexy voice that makes him the perfect example of male heterosexuality. Personally, I think he's even sexier once I thought of him being with another man; especially Chase!

I just read Still the One by Shawn Lane. I LOVED IT! My good friend Jack and his wonderful partner Shayne have both pointed out that I need to continue reviewing books on goodreads. I admit that I've been very slack at writing reviews. It's not that I don't want to write them, but finding the time and well having my own book on the chopping block has made me Leary of reviewing. It's not that some people didn't like it because not every book will appeal to everyone, it's the way it's reviewed and said that is often hurtful and sometimes downright mean.
So after much thought, I've decided to try to review at least a couple of books a week. I'm making it a goal of mine to make sure and point out good things about the book,even if it's not a favorite of mine. Since some of the reviews on there have been spiteful and just cruel, and as Jack and Shayne pointed out, it's time for us more positive people to keep reviewing and block out the people who constantly write negative things about books they supposedly love.

For those who are on goodreads, I heartily recommend becoming friends with Erotic Horizon and Lily. Both of them are outstanding and fair reviewers. They are not spiteful and even when they aren't crazy about a book they've read, are tactful about it. It's apparent that both of them actually love what they do and what they read and I know when I read a review by either of them, it will be fair, entertaining and unbiased.

There are several other friends I have on goodreads that write great reviews. Eyre, Maggie, Shayne (Yes you Shayne), Jack, Drew and Lindsay. I'm hoping they will start showing up more often and reviewing more books, too. After all Lily and Erotic Horizon can't do it all by themselves! LOL!

I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and try to show up on Goodreads more often. Shayne pointed out that there has been some negativity there, but instead of giving into it, banding together with other positive friends and make it fun again. So, I'm going to join Jack and Shayne and make an effort to make it a more positive place.

Now, I'm taking a few hours off and I'm going to go enjoy the sunshine! Y'all have a great rest of the night and a great week!


  1. Paul Walker and Sam Elliot are very sexy. Good choices.

    I do miss your GR reviews, but I haven't been there as much lately. Part of it is that I simply have had the time, but I do understand that some people have left because of negativity. I hate that. It has been such a fun place for many of us. I plan on trying to be more active in coming weeks. Your right that people should follow Lily and EH. If they want honest reviews without snark and meaness, those two are true ladies who deliver.

    I hope you got to enjoy that sunshine!

  2. Sam Elliot and Paul Walker would be hot together. Good Choice!

    I've stayed away from goodreads after some negativity there. Shayne wrote me a nice letter asking me to give it another chance too. His power of persuation is quite good. I think he missed his calling to be either a lawyer or a writer. Lol!

    I've missed your reviews. Once you stopped coming around along with others it just didn't mean as much to go there. I'm glad you've decided to give it another go. Now that Shayne, Jack, Eyre and you are on board I figure I'll join in too.

    Enjoy the sunshine sweetie. I can't wait to read your next book!

  3. Love the idea for Chase and Dave's story! Congrats on getting so much written on it today :)

    I agree - E.H. and Lily write wonderful, balanced reviews. And I'm looking forward to your new reviews on GR! I always enjoyed them, and you really do write wonderful reviews.

    And I totally agree with Shay - we positive people who like to hang out in the shallow end of the pond need to band together and not let the negative nans have the playground to themselves. I try to check into GR every few days, but it hasn't been as much fun as it used to be. I will definitely check in more often now that all the cool kids are coming back to play :) After all, it's where I met so many really fabulous & wonderful friends.

  4. If you think Shayne and Jack are persuasive in writing, you should see them in person. Once Shaynnie gets his mind set on something he doesn't let up! One reason we love them so much.

    I'm agreeing with everyone here. Brent and I will start showing up more often. Ava and Eyre's right, Shell. You write compelling reviews that we all love. We're glad your coming out to play with us as well.

    I love Paul Walker, so you have to know that I'll be waiting on this story. Just the thought of him being with Sam Elliot makes me tingle!

  5. LOL!
    As Shayne says, we have to keep the haters away! You know I think Sam and Paul are very sexy together, I think it'll be a hit, Shell.

  6. Ah, Sam...he's always been sexy. And what a voice!

    Yes Shayne and I have talked about goodreads so I knew he was going to contact some people. Go Him!

  7. Thanks for your kind words. Very sweet of you. I've missed your reviews so I'm happy to know you'll be posting again.

    I'm really liking the combination of Paul and Sam. Both are very sexy men.

    I have been spending less time on GRs lately due to time crunch but also because of some bad feelings there. It is a shame because just a while ago it was a great place to go to. I'm not sure what's changed so much, maybe the big push to grow the M/M group backfired. It's huge now and also feels like if you don't fit into the clique your opinions aren't important. I don't participate in the challenges or threads there anymore but I do still track my books and post reviews.

    And of course, I like to read my friends reviews as well. Hope your Sunday was fabulous and that the rest of your week is too.


    Loved Loved Loved the review you wrote! I'm happy you think we all need to get together more often too!

    You're totally correct about our Lil and EH! They both are fabulous reviewers who Jack and I trust and enjoy when we read their reviews.
    Lily is right. There are way too many cliques there. Cliques can be fine and dandy unless they don't hurt others. In my opinion, these cliques have hurt dear friends of mine and now it's time to just surround ourselves with like minded people like we all are!

  9. I'm relieved that I was not the only person who felt that way about goodreads. Drew and I have talked about it becoming a negative place to be. I hope that maybe if we all stick together we'll keep the 'haters' away. Lily had made the suggestion on Shaynes post that she is going to go through the people she has 'friended' and get rid of some of them.
    I have decided to do the same.

    Now, Shell even though neither Paul nor Sam wears eyeliner I do think they are pretty HAWT. You are forgiven this time. Next time add some eyeliner, will ya!

  10. Was very happy to see Shawn's review...yay, DM back in action! :) Yes, I agree that Lily and EH are wonderful as well, and with you back in the mix, I'll be hitting the "like" button a lot I'm sure! As I said on Shayne's I'll be back over more as well. nods

    Like your choices to envision. I can't watch RH, the first time I did (a LONG time ago), I was traumatized by that one scene and can't go back. I loved Sam in Gettysburg. Mmmm.

  11. Oh god! I love both of those men! Putting them together makes me want to SQUEE! Lol!
    I'm glad we're all going to give GR another chance. I missed everyone.
    Write girl! I'm ready to read about these two

  12. Really enjoyed your review. I know your book is going to be as fun as Got Mistletoe.
    Glad to see you back

  13. Hey....

    I felt my ear burning and my google alert told me you were saying something nice about me... Thank you hon.. That does mean alot...

    Yours and Lily's voice are two that I fall back on alot to get another perspective of something that I might have missed or could have looked at in a different light in a book...

    You are certainly missed. You have also highlighted some must read members of GR whose thoughts are very valid when looking for a book to read...

    The pack mentality that has descended on GR is one of the main reason why I have stepped back - but I am missing that link of just having a fun place to let your hair down and say I loved this book even if it was crap...

    I have been unwell for awhile now - but I am hoping to have some reviews up sometime this week..

    Take care hon and thank you...

    P.S> - Sam Elliot does things to me on a whole lot of level... As Shawn said "that voice' yummy..