Monday, April 12, 2010

Shawn's Meme

I had a good day today. It was one of those slow and easy days. I've sat around and gave myself permission to read some. One of the bad things about writing is it cuts into my reading time, so it was really nice to read a few books.

I'm planning on doing some more writing tonight, but I've been struggling with finishing the current book I'm reading. I keep losing interest in it, and I'm about to abort it and maybe try again another time.

Since Devon tagged me with Shawn's Meme, here are my answers ;)

Book I am most looking forward to in 2010: I'm not really looking forward to specific books, just books by my favorite authors. Right now I'm waiting impatiently for Shawn's newest book, Only for Him, to be released.

Book I read again and again and never seem to tire of: Hell by Jet Mykles, The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest and Where Flows the Water by Sean Michael, The Tin Star by J.L. Langley and Lawyers in love by Shawn Lane about a thousand times. It's easy because I have them all in paperback and read them before I go to bed.

First M/M book I ever read: The first gay interaction I read was Something More by Amanda Young. I loved the two heroes in the book and never understood why they added the girl. LOL The first actual gay romance I read was either The Tin Star by JL Langley or the Heaven Sent series. I can't remember which one was first.

Last M/M book I read: The last book I completed was Talk Dirty to Me by Jack Greene, I'm currently reading An Unexpected Vintage by Andrew Grey, but I'm having trouble getting into it.

First M/M book I wrote: Got Mistletoe?

Last M/M book I wrote: My last completed book was A Realistic Romance

Work in Progress: No titles yet. I'm working on Dave and Chase's story as well as Shiloh and Benjamin's books. They are my two blue collared worker stories. I'm also working on Samuel's brother, Sidney's, story as well as my may/december romance with Jack and Riley's story called, Angel's Redemption.

First Book I wrote: My best friend from High School and I used to write books (over a hundred pages by hand) about both of us having a romance with John Taylor and Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. I wrote at least a hundred of those! I read them now and wonder what in the world I was thinking...not about Math that's for sure!

First Book I Published: Got Mistletoe?

First M/M Book I Published: Got Mistletoe?

Will I ever write another M/F book: A Realistic Romance started out as a M/F romance. I aborted it when I fell in love with Gay romances. When I started to visualize Samuel with Merrick I re-wrote it as a gay romance. I have no intention of ever writing M/F romances because I don't read them anymore and I want to write what I love.

Favorite gay porn sites: Brent Corrigan's site (Blame Jack for that one) I've watched a lot. I pay for Brent's but youporngay is free!

Favorite Heroes Someone Else Wrote: Hell from Heaven Sent, Alec Tyler from The Curtis Reincarnation, Kevin from Car Wash, Oliver from Bound by Deception, Keegan from Ero's Rising, Ren Boone from ReneCade, Sidney from Murder by Design, Keaton with Without Reservation, Aiden from My Fair Captain and Will from Handyman.

Favorite Heroes I Wrote: Ryan from Got Mistletoe, Sidney from A Realistic Romance and I have a feeling that Sidney and Riley will be a favorite.

Looking at my previous two answers I think I must be attracted to the pretty boys that aren't quite beta. LOL

Y'all have a great night! I'm going to try to finish this book and get some writing done.


  1. Fabulous post, Shell Bell

    I loved the D2 boys! YUM! So sexy!

  2. Great answers! This is a fun little Meme that Shawn inadvertently came up with. :)

    Some of your responses make me want to go back and do some rereading...if only I had the time!

    *Mwah* Love ya!

  3. Yes, apparently I should invent meme's more often. Looking forward to your interview answers! LOL

  4. Fab answers, Shellie!

    I had a serious crush on the guys in Duran Duran, too. LOL. They were so pretty - how could a girl not crush on them?

  5. Great answers!

    This meme is making me want to go reread some books.

  6. Terrific answers!
    I've heard of Duran Duran, maybe I need to look them up.
    Maybe Shawn needs to do a readers meme next!

  7. gasp!!! OMG, little boy! You've heard of Duran Duran! The horrors. They were the bomb, cutie.

  8. Oh, Drew, you're adorable! You've got listen to some Duran Duran. Ah, "Rio" . . . "Hungry Like the Wolf" . . . Simon Le Bon. *sigh*