Saturday, June 30, 2012

Angel's Redemption is released!

YAY! The time is here! Angel's Redemption is finally out today! Although, I'm thrilled about it's release, I'm also very nervous about it too. This is by far the longest book I've written, and I've also worked on it, off and on, for the past couple of years. I hope everyone will love Jackson and Elijah as much as I do and that their story puts a smile on my readers faces.

I've also notified all of the winners to my contest, BUT I do have two winners that still need to get in contact with me. The two winners are: Dre and ispringle 1. Please email me at with Angel's Redemption in the subject line and I'll send your book to you ASAP!

I also want to thank all of my readers for their kind words and support you've given me these past few months. I really appreciate it. *Hugs*

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