Monday, June 18, 2012

Guess who just turned five??

What a difference a year can make. My niece, Snow White, turned five a couple days ago. She's totally convinced that's she's officially a big girl now. Since she starts Kindergarten in the fall, I am definitely beginning to realize that my sweet little niece is no longer a toddler any more. Where has the time gone? I swear it still feels like yesterday when she was born. Time is flying by...and although I'm anxious to watch her grow up and see what kind of wonderful things she'll do in life...I'm saddened too. She's definitely growing up and I know one day I'll miss the amazing little girl she is today. 

Here's her picture from last year. As you can see, she's really growing up and her Auntie is having a hard time about it. LOL!

We're still in Little Rock spending the day with my mother and Snow White. Mother wants to go car shopping today, so Uncle Boo and Aunt Shell are officially on babysitting duty. I see many games of Go Chick (Easter version of GO Fish) Old Maid, Sorry and Uno being played today. LOL!

I hope everyone will have a wonderful day like I'm planning on having today. *Hugs*

Happy Monday, Everyone:)

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