Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow White was an awesome Dorothy!!

Here's my amazing niece on Halloween. Many of you know that she is the apple of my eye. Every year she just gets smarter and sweeter and she's so darn beautiful (At least to us) she lights up a room as soon as she enters it. I'm so proud of her, and I'm thankful many of you often write me and ask me about her. So, I had to share some pictures of our Halloween with you.

As you can see, my niece made a stunning Dorothy. She really hammed it up all night long. Since my sister lives in this huge suburban neighborhood, there were hundreds of children trick or treating Monday night and even though there were many adorable looking children, I definitely believe that our little Snow White held her own. She really looked like a believable Dorothy and so many people were charmed by her. As she went door to door to get her candy, and after she said trick or treat, she would sing the first few sentences of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This was so cute because her childlike four year old voice was so sweet, everyone loved her. We definitely made some beautiful memories Monday night and this past Halloween will always be counted as one of my favorites.


  1. Thank you, Ivan:) She had so much fun in her glittery red shoes too. She kept tapping her heels together and saying, "There's no place like home."
    We had so much fun!
    I hope you and Milo had a great Halloween too! Did you watch lots of scary movies?

  2. We only watched a couple on Halloween (both of which we liked) but we watched a couple more over the weekend.

    When's your next book coming out?

  3. I love the first shot where she's showing off the shoes just like Dorothy does in the movie when she first has them on her feet. Soooo cute!!

    Hugs, me