Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparing for the busy week ahead...


I was an exciting weekend on my blog. Amber Kell graciously allowed me to post a part of her ongoing story on Friday and my little blog lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. I want to thank Amber Kell and her amazing fans for stopping was a blast!

Today, I've been cleaning, doing laundry and preparing for my grandmother to spend a few days with us. I'm picking her up tomorrow and we'll stay here until Thanksgiving morning. We are driving to my mother's house for Thanksgiving supper and will be spending a few days there. As much as love spending time with my family, it's always stressful to me too. Plus, my loving husband always puts lights on my mother's massive house the day after the holiday and between the house lights and the lights and lawn ornaments in her yard, it's an all day affair. But, since my sister will be working on Thanksgiving this year, hubby and I plan on at least putting the lights on the house after we eat. This way it won't be such a long day on Friday.

Gosh, just thinking about it wears me out!

My sister sent me this picture of my niece and I had to share it. I swear I could stare at that smile all day and be happy doing it. Isn't she growing up fast? She's starting to lose that babyish look and more like a little girl. I have mixed feelings about this....

I plan on blogging before Thanksgiving, but if for some reason I can't, I would like to wish those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving a very happy one AND may all of you have a great week ahead.


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