Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkins and Craft Shows

I had a really fun weekend. My mother, sister and niece came down Friday night and spent the weekend with us. We had a good time catching up and doing those things that we all do when we are reunited with our loved ones after spending some weeks apart.

My husband has started a new tradition with my niece. Up until last Friday, she had never helped carve a pumpkin before. Friday night, she and her favorite Uncle went and picked out two pumpkins came home and carved them. Uncle Boo (this is what she calls my husband) found a stencil of the princess, Snow White, and together they gutted, traced and then HE carved the pumpkin. It turned out really great and she was tickled about it and obviously had a wonderful time.

On Saturday, we got up early and went to the War Eagle craft show. We ate too much junk food, bought some Christmas gifts and all and all had a fun time. I hated to see them go Sunday, but in a way it was good because I have the beginnings of a head cold and started to feel rather yucky.

So now I'm nursing a sore throat, sniffles and a cough. Because of this, I can't seem to concentrate on anything, much less writing. I plan on taking lots of NyQuil and sleeping this off. I hope everyone had a great week. I'll post pictures of Snow White and her Uncle Boo later this week. In the meantime, Uncle Boo carved Pinhead and I thought I would share this masterpiece. It took him over two hours to carve it. I think it looks just like Pinhead. What do you think?

Have a great week:)


  1. Hubby did an awesome job on the pumpkin!

    Sorry to hear you're under the weather. The cough/sniffles are going around. I hope you're able to sleep it off and you feel better soon.