Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vegas, Criss Angel and Book News


How is everyone doing? My honey and I have had a great holiday in Sin City. We left last Thursday morning around 1:30 AM and arrived in Vegas 23 hours later. We drove straight through with the exception of stopping to eat, gas and bathroom breaks. Both my husband and I were exhausted and extremely happy to arrive here and to FINALLY get out of the small car we own for more than a few minutes.

It's been so freaking hot here. Every day the temperature is over 100 degrees, which has been as hot as Arkansas weather, but the difference is the type of heat Vegas has versus Arkansas weather. For one thing, Vegas has a dry heat. Even though it's barely tolerable, it's still better than the intense humidity we have at home. Even though the heat isn't quite as bad, we decided to see Vegas mainly at night. So far, it's been a good decision for us because it's not as crowded and we can walk around the strip without the sun beating down on us the entire time.

One of the surprising things about Vegas has been the amount of children that are here. My husband and I were both shocked that people bring their kids here. Maybe this is an old fashioned way of thinking, but Vegas is so sexualized that I'd be afraid to take any minor here. This of course is my opinion. Please remember that I live three miles off a dirt road so seeing huge billboards with mostly naked women and other suggestive things practically does not exist where I live. I can't imagine my four year old niece being here, but that's just me. I'm not judging those parents that bring their children here at all. To each his own, and I'm sure if I lived somewhere other than a small town I'd think differently too.

One of the great things about Vegas has been the variety of people we've seen. I love seeing same sex couples walk the streets holding hands and even kissing. This is something I hope will hurry up and change where I live.

Since we are here on budget we've been doing more sightseeing than anything. We did go see Criss Angel's show. My husband is a huge Mindfreak fan, (I'm not) we decided that seeing him would be the big splurge we'd spend on ourselves. Well, one thing that I noticed about Criss was how small he is. On television he appears larger than life, so it surprised me to see what a small man that he looks to be in person. We sat two rows from the front of the stage and I have to admit that Criss really put on a great show. He's also better looking in person and he really enchanted the audience with his magic and bubbly personality. If you're ever in Vegas and like magic, I do recommend seeing him. Plus, he really inspired the writer in me and gave me a great idea for a story...

Speaking of books, Silver accepted my Kissed By Death Manuscript! YAY! I just signed the contract and it'll be published some time in 2012.

We'll be in Vegas until Friday morning. We'll be leaving here around six am and driving straight through home. If I don't post anything again until after I return home, I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Congrats on the acceptance of Kissed by Death!!!

    I hope you continue to have a great time in Vegas!

    I've heard Vegas has gotten more family friendly, but still...the people hanging out on the sidewalks trying to hand out cards for strippers/prostitues just don't give off a family friendly vibe.

  2. First congrats regarding your story.


    Actually the days of the family friendly Vegas were late 1990s early 200os. During this time the casinos and hotels built amusement parks and arcades and carnival games. They advertised for families to come there.

    Then, a little girl was raped and murdered in a bathroom while her parents gambled. THis put a screech on the brakes of the family friendly. Residents and government started discouraging this idea and reminding people it was an adult entertaiment place. The amusement parks and arcades came out. The advertising for families was eliminated and the advertising became "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". There are eve some casinos and hotels that do not allow kids.

    Now, that doesn't mean they are going to refuse to allow people to bring their children there. They still are in the business of making money, but Vegas is sin city for a reason.

  3. Sorry for the rant on the history of Vegas. As a frequent visitor I know, :)