Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm excited to go see my family

Not a whole lot has happened this week. The snow is just beginning to melt away and I'm glad! I'm tired of being cramped up in the house. I'm going to my sister's Friday and I'll be back on Sunday. I'm ready to see my niece and family. I haven't seen them since Christmas, and I'm starting to get a little home sick to see them.

I've been in a romantic mood, so I've been watching romantic movies this week: Notting Hill, Last of the Mohicans, You've got Mail, When Harry met Sally and so on. Every time I put one of these movies in the DVD player, Chris just rolls his eyes. Funny thing is once it starts he becomes as hooked on watching them as I am.

I'm still waiting to see if The Sweet One will have a home. Also, Merrick and Samuel's story is coming along pretty nicely. I'm hoping to have it done sometime next week. I'm ready to get started on the other stories running around in my head!

If I don't see Y'all around, have a great weekend!


  1. Have loads of fun, Shell. And get cracking on Merrick and Samuel. I want to read the rest

  2. Have a great time visiting the family!!

  3. I hope you have a fabulous visit with your sister and niece!

    I love the movie Notting Hill! When I get in one of those romantic moods, I watch my collection of Jane Austen-book movies - P&P (both versions - A&E and the newer one), S&S and Emma. I was watching Emma recently, and Mr. Knightley was getting real close to taking over Darcy's spot as my fav all-time hero. LOL

  4. Enjoy your family time! I sure Snow White will be thrilled to see you.

    You've been watching some great movies. Notting Hill is one of my faves.

    I agree with Shawn that you need to get cracking on Samuel and Merrick's story. You teased us with that hot, hot picture the other day. Now, I need more!