Thursday, February 11, 2010

I wish he would drop the towel!

I really wish he would drop the towel!

It's been a busy couple of days. I've been trying to stay on top of housework, laundry and everything else I've put off until the last minute.

On the plus side, Merrick and Samuel's book is coming along very nicely. I've gotten 26,000 words written and should be wrapping it up by the end of the weekend. YAY!

I'm debating on what to write next. I had planned on writing my May/December story next, but Samuel's older brother Sidney is driving me crazy. He's a starving artist, who works part time in an art gallery and does other odd jobs to get by.
He's outrageous, bossy and has a Gothic look that he always works to his advantage.
I'm thinking someone conservative will rock his world up. Maybe someone even a little or a lot nerdy even. What do y'all think?

The weather is still horrid here. The snow has never melted and now they are calling for even more snow here tonight. Is it me, or is the weather crazy where you are too? I'm thinking it's from all of his global warming we've had, which is pretty frightening if you think of it.

Lily is finally house trained. *Keep your fingers crossed* I'd forgotten what it's like to have a puppy. Daisiemae had tons of toys, but in the past year she neglected them quite a bit. Since we've had Lily, every night she drags out every one of those toys and plays with them. Now my house looks like a tornado hit it! Puppies really are a lot of fun!


  1. I completely agree. He SO needs to get rid of that towel!!

    Sindey sounds awesome. My vote is him next! *g* He sounds like he needs to rock someone's world.

    The weather is crazy here, too. Had almost no snow in Jan, then we got a good 6 inches the other day. According to my phone, it's supposed to snow next Mon and Tues, but I don't know how much. I'm hoping it's just flurries.

    Congrats on the house training! Here's to no more puddles of piddle to clean up! And a huge congrats on getting so much written on Merrick and Samuel!!

  2. Oh yeah, that towel has got to go!

    Congrats on the writing progress. I love the idea of the wild Goth and a conservative nerd/geek. I've always enjoyed reading stories with that pairing.

    The weather has been crazy everywhere. We don't get snow but we've had a super cold winter and it's not over yet. This weekend we'll have night temps in the upper 20s. Brr!! :)

    Aww, Lily's so cute and yay, no more accidents!

  3. Thanks, girls!
    I'm glad we don't have to clean up after her too! Even with the snow outside, she's been doing great.

    You're right, Lily!
    I think Sidney's going to fall head over heels with a nerd. Nerds need love too!

    Ava, I hope you don't get tons of snow! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. I totally vote for Sidney.

    That dog is so cute.

    It' to be 75 to 80 this weekend. :-)

  5. Shawn, don't rub it in! It's snowing here . . . again! The roads are already covered, and there's no chocolate in the house!

    Ooh, I love nerds. I'll definitely be reading Sidney's story.

    Lily is beautiful.

  6. Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!
    I love the idea of a nerd as a hero. With a cool guy like Sidney, it will be perfect!
    Lily is beautiful! Can I have her? I love puppies, they're so cute!

    He doesn't have to drop the towel, just move it over a little bit. lol