Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have Cover Art!!

I have cover art!!

Reese Dante has finished the cover art for Angel's Redemption. It's the fourth book in my Men of Charlestown series and it's due to be released with Silver Publishing at the end of next month! I think she's captured Jackson and Elijah wonderfully, as well as the tone of the story in general.

Here is the unofficial blurb to Angel's Redemption:

Since Jackson’s partner died, life is one big routine. When he meets his neighbor, Elijah, he’s intrigued by the mysterious man, and his somber world becomes exciting and beautiful.

Elijah needed a fresh start after working in the dark world of pornography. Finding the strength to move away from drug abuse and his despised existence, he moves to Charlestown and discovers a connection with Jackson unlike anything before.

Fear of losing the one man he’s come to rely on keeps Elijah silent even as he grows determined to be a man worthy of Jackson’s love. When Elijah’s secrets are revealed, will Jackson be able to see past his former life and stand proudly beside the man Elijah is today?


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    1. YAY! Thank you!! I'm pretty excited about it too! Thanks for letting me know that;)

  2. Wow Andi, It's beautiful! I'm looking forward to the release.