Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Not a lot has been going on with me. I've been bothered by self doubt and stress over doing a good job with my writing. I wonder if that gets any easier. Do we build more self confidence in our abilities as we gain experience and get older and wiser?

I have a lot of writing to do, and very little time to do it. I keep writing, re-reading, re-checking and writing over what I've done. UGH! I think I'm working myself up too much, but I'll get it done or kill myself trying to do it.

I hope it gets easier as time rolls on!


  1. Yes and no. I gotta say there are times when I still look back at what I've put on the pages and gone, oh, lord, this is absolute crap (some would agree with that too, lol). I felt that way pretty much the entire time I was writing Still the One.

    But at some point, you gotta let it go and move forward with the story or you'll have endless partially completed stories. Trust me, I have several old partly done het stories that will never get done.

    You've already gotten some terrific stories done, Shell. I know you will do your best with this and whatever happens, happens. If it's meant to be this time, it will be. If not, you try again. It won't be the end of the world. I promise.

    Hey, any word on a release date for A Realistic Romance?

  2. Listen to Shawn. It sounds like she gives good advice.

  3. Thanks, Shawn:) You're right. I just work myself up sometimes. I need to just enjoy the ride, where ever it takes me.

    I don't know when A Realistic Romance will be published yet. I hope it'll be soon. I haven't got my edits yet so I figure it will be a while.

    Did I tell y'all that eXtasy liked The Sweet One? I'm going to convert it to a Christmas story for them, so my boys will live on! YAY!

    You're right, Eyre. She's a great mentor:)

  4. Shawn's advice sounds good. I'd just add my two guiding philosophies, take it a day at a time and have a bit of faith in yourself. It'll all work out. You're an awesome writer. Congrats on the good news.


  5. Hi hon, Shawn's all over it. It can be easy to get sucked into the vortex of negativity and lose faith in what you're creating. But you just need to keep moving forward. Give yourself permission to say...well, that may or may not work. Won't know until I finish. And then let someone you trust look it over rather than dissecting it and doing the never-ending tweak. You're an extremely talented writer and story-teller, and probably (like most of us) your own worst critic. Head down and write, GF, and try not to put so much pressure on yourself to get it "perfect". Just do what you do and there will be magic. :) ((hugs)) And congrats on the Sweet One news, that will be a perfect holiday story!

  6. Oh, I know how you're feeling. I hate it when I get in those 'everything I write is utter crap' moods. I end up fighting with a ms - editing, revising, etc - though none of the work seems to help the book get less crappy. Usually though, if I let it sit for a bit and go back to it, I'll realize it really isn't as crappy as I though it was. It's hard to keep faith in yourself and just plow through a book when it feels like everything you type sucks, but really, as Shawn and Devon said, you need to keep moving forward. Because it's not as sucky as you think it is - it's just your mood and self-doubt creeping in. Also helps me when I send chapters to Shawn. I feel a lot better about a chapter after I've gotten the thumbs up from her, and it helps me to keep moving forward.

    You're a very talented author, Shell, so just plow onward, trust in yourself and finish the book. And you've given yourself very good advice - just enjoy the ride. Writing should be fun, but sometimes we forget and need to remind ourselves of that.

    Congrats on The Sweet One!!! :)

  7. Thanks, girls:)
    You've given me the boost that I need. I'm getting through it and it'll get done in time.

    I'm excited about the sweet one too! It makes sense that it's going to become a holiday story:)

  8. Stopping by to give you a chaeer and say listen to Shawn and Ava - they know what they are talking about...

    on the other hand - we all have our moments - one day at a time hon.

    Have a good day today -Laugh some and give Chris a headache or two....


  9. Yes and no. The process becomes easier, but the effort is as hard as it always was. Plus now you have promo and actual business work to keep up with. Yay you!! :)

    But, having said that, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are a published author!!!!! Do you know what an awesome minority that makes you? Way to go!

  10. Stopping by to say hi...

    Hope all is well with you and Chris and you are getting some writing in..