Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hate Daylight Saving Time

I've decided I hate Daylight Saving Time. I wish we could just stick with one and roll with it. It seems like once we get used to one time, it's time to change it again.
Ashley and my niece are doing somewhat better. I'm afraid I'm getting the flu myself. My throat is killing me and I'm not feeling well.
So as a pick-me-up I decided to post some deliciously sexy eye candy.
No writing today either. Ugh!
Lets hope we all have a good week ahead of us.


  1. The eye-candy is definitely a nice pick-me-up!

    I hope you aren't coming down with anything. Being sick sucks. :( And I totally agree with you on the daylight savings time. I hate changing the clocks - it always throws me off for days.

  2. I've got the flu. I really figured I would get it, but Ashley and Snow White needed me, so it's worth it.
    Thanks for your best wishes, Ava:)

  3. Personally I am afraid it is standard time I don't like. We should stick with daylight savings time. We already do it 8 months now. I hate standard time and it being dark at 5:30. Ack.

    Sorry you are sick, Andi

  4. I'm sorry your sick sweetheart. You need to email me as soon as you get this. I'm worried about you!

  5. Jack, she's with me. I'll have her email you.