Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Hold on His Heart

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It’s just another day at the office for clerk, Justin Myers. After a fun night at his favorite club, he’s nursing a hangover at his desk, instead of sleeping if off at home in his comfortable bed. To his surprise, a coworker, Preston, goes out of his way to help him feel better.

Even with the headache from hell, Justin begins to slowly realize the seemingly-straight, nerdy engineer might have a crush on him. Because they are so different, Justin doesn't know how he feels about the gentle flirtation and friendship, Preston, so freely offers to him. But as Preston continues to push himself into his life and heart, Justin realizes that love may not have boundaries after all.


Chapter One

Justin jogged to his cubicle and quickly slid onto his desk chair. He glanced at his watch and gave a sigh of relief. Even though it was only a couple of minutes until eight, he was still on time. Justin opened the top side drawer of his desk and hunted through it until he found the small bottle of Advil. Shaking it a little, he frowned when he didn’t hear any contents rattle inside of it.

Shit. It’s empty.

Silently cursing himself for not refilling the bottle when he took the last two pills a few days ago, he tossed it into the trash and rubbed his aching temples lightly with the tips of his fingers.

Damn, he shouldn't have gone to the club on a work night.

Justin had had intentions of spending his Wednesday night alone chilling out in front of the television, but when his friend Tim called and asked for Justin to meet him and a few more of his friends for three-dollar pitcher night, it was an offer that Justin couldn't refuse.

Now his happy ass sat in his uncomfortable desk chair at work without any medication to help his pounding head, when all Justin really wanted to do was nurse his hangover at home.

Why did I have to do that last tequila shot?

"Good morning, Justin."

Justin glanced up and saw his co-worker, Preston, looking down at him with a small, welcoming smile on his face.

"Morning, Preston," he answered. He glanced at the tall, slim man's khaki pants and blazing yellow shirt and grimaced.

Damn, someone's dressed brightly today. Justin closed his eyes to blot out the offensive color that made his aching head pound even harder.

"I've finished the calculations needed on the Pulaski County job. I'll put the report on your desk in a few minutes," Preston said. Justin jumped when he felt a warm hand settle on his shoulder. "Hey, are you alright? You don't look yourself today."

Justin forced himself to open his eyes and give Preston what he hoped was a pleasant smile despite the man's offensive shirt. "I'm fine. I woke up with a little headache, but I'm sure it'll pass."

Preston cocked his head to the side and a concerned look passed over his face. "Sorry about your headache. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Yeah, change that horrible shirt.

"No," Justin said instead. "I'll be alright, thanks." He gave Preston a wink and turned to the work that waited on his desk. He heard Preston give a quiet sigh and walk away.

Good. He didn't need Preston or his ghastly shirt hovering over him today.

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