Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Win a Free Copy of The Sweet One!

I'm very excited about my upcoming release, The Sweet One this Saturday! I'm so thrilled about it's release I'm going to hold a contest to win a free copy of it. I'm going to run the contest until Midnight on Friday night and will pick the winner Saturday morning.
If you are interested in winning a free copy of it, please email me at andianderson@live.com with The Sweet One under the subject.
Good Luck and Happy Reading!

Here is the offical blurb to The Sweet One:

Since the beginning of time Noah has guarded over many souls. He has always followed the rules by never getting emotionally involved with the souls he watches over. He is to supervise their lives and report any misdeeds they have done to Him. At the end of their time on Earth, he is to guide them into the afterlife and to their justly rewards, wherever that place may be. Noah has always excelled at being the best of the best…that was until the Sweet One was born. The minute Micah Thompson was took his first breath; Noah felt an emotional connection with him that he had never felt before.

Throughout Micah’s childhood and early teenaged years, Noah would briefly show himself and comfort Micah whenever Micah was sad or just had a bad day. Noah’s soothing presence always made Micah feel better. One day Noah decided Micah was getting too attached to him, so he never appeared to Micah again, but he always watched over him and loved him from afar.
Micah is now a popular kindergarten teacher. He’s had some boyfriends, but always compares them to his Angel he saw as a child, and so his relationships never work out. One day on his way home, his Angel interferes with Micah’s destiny and it changes both of their lives forever.

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