Thursday, October 21, 2010

Purple is my favorite color

I wore my purple proudly yesterday. Since we're only supposed to wear black and white at the school, I was promptly sent home for breaking dress code.
It ticked me off, but at least I got to state my case before I left. It's hard living in a small southern town. A lot of people are still very narrow minded about homosexual relationships, and any kind of alternative lifestyle that other people have.

It angrily frustrates me.

There was a gay teenager on Fort Smith that was suspended for wearing a Gay Pride t-shirt. Here is the news report, reported by KFSM the local newcast up here.

Fort Smith couple demanded change Wednesday after they say their 15-year-old daughter was suspended for wearing clothes that support gay pride. The teen's parents say a t-shirt cost the Ramsey Junior High School student three days suspension.

The teenager wore a t-shirt to school Tuesday with phrases like "100% gay pride," "proud to be a lesbian," and "support homosexual love" written on it. The teen's father, David King, said, "It's not profane. It's not vulgar and if it offends somebody they need to get over it."

King says administrators asked his daughter to change the shirt, but when she refused she received a three day suspension. "I'm not a homosexual rights activist. I don't agree with it, but just because I don't agree with something doesn't make it wrong," said King.

The Fort Smith School District would not comment specifically about the incident, but did confirm they suspended a student at Ramsey Junior High School for insubordination. "If they refuse to change their clothes the issue then becomes not what they're wearing, but their response to the direction from the school administrator," said Dr. Gordon Floyd, Deputy Superintendent for Fort Smith Public Schools.

District leaders say students have the right to express themselves through clothing, but if it disrupts school it is not allowed. "There's just a line between expressing yourself and doing so in such a manner that becomes a disruptive in the school," said Dr. Floyd.

School leaders say if a student is suspended he or she cannot make up the work. David King and his wife officially filed a complaint with the school involving the incident.

Not only are these views ignorant but they're dangerous, too. I still dream of a day wear people aren't bullied and frowned upon because of who they love.

It's a good dream and I'm holding onto it.

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