Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eight years ago today

Today is my wedding anniversary and we're spending it apart. He's working and
I'm home and writing. It's unfair, but bills must be paid.
It's been a great eight years!


  1. I had made a comment before but it got eaten, lol.

    Congrats Shellie and Chris. I'm sorry you couldn't be together but you two know how you feel and that's what is important

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    RL is so unfair sometimes! Darn those bills. I wish you many many more years of love and happiness together. :)

  3. Happy anniversary (a bit late :-). Hope you are together soon.

  4. Bears repeating, happy anniversary to you two...and this just means you can extend the celebration!

  5. Thank you, friends:)
    It's difficult being separated sometimes, especially on holidays and special occasions.
    At least we have the weekend together:)

  6. Congrats honey lamb on your big day - as you say needs must - so you guys have to do what you have to do...

    Pinch the big guy for me - may you have many many more happy years..