Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank You!

I can't believe my newest book, A Realistic Romance, is finally released! I'm very excited and anxious about it. In a way, this feels like it's my baby. It definitely holds a special meaning for me. It's the second book I wrote and it's also a story that I had thought about writing for a long time; even before my first book Got Mistletoe? was written. I remember sitting with my sister, Ashley, and discussing the characters and the story itself. Ashley even came up with Merrick's name. (Kudos to my sis on that one)
Originally, it was supposed to be a M/F romance, but then I realized that I should write what I love to read the most which is homoerotic romances and Samuel Meriwether was born.

I really hope that those of you who will read this book will like it. I know I'm still a newbie at all of this writing and publishing stuff, but I'm particularly proud of my boys and I hope I wrote them a story that served them well.

Here is the official blurb:

Merrick Kitchi was once a famous rock and roll star. Now at the ripe old age of thirty-two, he‟s quickly becoming a has-been in the fickle music industry. Desperate to rise to the top again, he agrees to meet with some network executives to discuss participating in a reality television show. To his dismay, he finds out his roommate, Samuel Meriwether, is not only the sexiest thing he‟s ever seen on two legs, but he‟s gay as well. This is a problem for Merrick, who has kept his homosexuality a secret. Desperate to be a household name again, he agrees to become roommates with the sexy Sammy, vowing to keep his hands and his secret to himself.
No one is more surprised than Samuel when he is chosen to be roommates with the sexy Merrick Kitchi. He‟s not sure what a gay librarian and a womanizer like Merrick will have in common, but he‟s willing to give it a shot. Soon Samuel realizes there‟s more to Merrick than meets the eye and not only do they become good friends, but there‟s an attraction between them that neither man can deny. As their feelings and attraction to each other grows, will Merrick be able to step out of the closet and into the light, or will fear of the unknown keep him deep inside?

Thanks to all of my friends who have been supportive throughout this past year. Y'all are the best!


  1. Congrats on the release of Merrick and Samuel's story!! (hugs) I'm looking forward to reading it very soon :)

  2. Congrats on the release!! I'm definitely looking forward to reading it. :)

  3. Purchased, read and rated, lol

    Congrats on the release

  4. Heading to Extasy now! :) So excited for you, congratulations and happy release day!!

  5. Congrats! I just started reading it, and I should be grading papers. ;)

  6. Thanks, y'all:) I have the greatest friends and supporters on Earth:)

  7. As you know, we read and loved this one before you sent it in. We just bought our own copy and once we read the dedication, I knew I had to give you a hug.
    Love you, Shell