Thursday, March 1, 2012

Because everyone loves a sweet romance...

Happy Friday!

This has been a pretty good week and hopefully I'll have a productive weekend. I still haven't heard whether or not Silver liked the two manuscripts I submitted last week, and because of it, I've been stalking my email like some crazy person. I'm currently working on the fifth Men of Charlestown book and the next Sons of Aphrodite or Kissed by an Immortal book. It's a hard choice because they are all waiting impatiently in line for their stories to be told.

Don't you love the picture above? I love that kiss! It's so lovely and romantic, I thought it would start off our weekend with some sweetness. We all need a little sweet romance in our lives, right?  I certainly think so!

May your weekend be filled with love and romance...even if it's from reading a good book or two:)

Have a great weekend everyone! *HUGS*


  1. I'm sure you'll hear from them soon and they'll be good news, Andi ;)

    I'm glad you're working on more stories to come, yuppp!! The kiss is very beautiful and sweet, I have to work the weekend but it's a nice candy for today :)

    Have a great weekend


    Note: Loved Kissed by Death, thanks for another great story!

    1. *hugs* Thank you, Rachel! I'm thrilled you liked Kissed by Death! You've made my day:)

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. I'll be hopefully hearing from them in a few days. A watched pot never boils, right? LOL!

      I'm sorry you have to work this weekend. I hope you have some time off soon.

      Have a great weekend:)