Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Weekend and New Cover Art!!

Hello Friends:)

It's been a very interesting week for me. I've been out of town taking care of my mother. She had some dental work done and had a bad reaction to her medicine. She's fine now, thank goodness, and I'm glad to finally be home. I did get to spend some quality time with my niece. We had a blast together and every moment I get to spend with her is very precious to me. She's growing up so fast...sigh.

I'm thrilled to see that I've had some very nice feedback on my newest release, No Greater Love. People are loving Eros and Keith and I'm thrilled about it. I plan on writing the sequel to it next month, and I think Deimos will be next, depending on how much he's willing to talk.

As you can see I have new cover art! YAY! Silver Publishing's cover artist, Reese Dante, is amazing. She is not only extremely talented but she's super sweet too. She always goes above and beyond with all of her covers, and she makes all of us at Silver Publishing look so good!  My next release, Kissed by Death is scheduled to be released on February 25th! I'm super excited about this book. It took me in a more angsty direction than my other books, and I totally fell in love with the characters. It is also the first book in my Kissed by an Immortal series. I think this will be my darkest series yet...we will have to see.

Have a great weekend:)



  1. I saw this cover whilst skimming through the coming soon list and it certainly caught my eye. It is already on my wish list.

  2. Quite a contrast to the cover of "The Sweet One". Excellent work by Ms. Dante. Now if we could just have a peek inside...