Friday, June 10, 2011

Guess who's turning four next week...

Hey Y'all:)

Well it's been a good week. I finished my edits for Daniel's Dream and should be receiving my ARC copies for it sometime this week. Daniel's Dream was really a fun book to write. I really enjoyed revisiting the characters from His Christmas Wish and I'm looking forward to one day writing Daniel's own book.

I spent some time this week with my niece and sister. Snow White's 4th birthday is on the 15th of this month so we've been looking for things for her party. Her theme is rainbows, hearts and flowers so everyone who comes has to bring her a flower of some kind (they can even be flowers from a field) so she can put them in a special vase for her party. She's excited about it and I plan on posting some pictures of it next week so y'all can see how much she's grown since Christmas.(Pictured above)

We've been doing some home improvement projects at home too. We've put a very nice cover on our back porch and now we're looking for some nice lawn chairs to relax comfortably out there while we enjoy out backyard. But, after seeing some of the outrageous prices for lawn furniture, we're obviously still on the hunt for it. I couldn't believe that outdoor furniture is as expensive as some indoor furniture! How in the heck did that happen? I remember the days when you could find a very nice chairs for fifty bucks or so. Now they want a hundred or more! UGH! Maybe we should hit some thrift shops or something... :)

As soon as I receive my ARC copies of Daniel's Dream I'll hold a contest for a freebie. I hope everyone has a great weekend:)


  1. Awww...she's so darn cute!! I hope Snow White has a fabulous birthday party :)

    Oh, and I hear you about lawn furniture. I debated getting some new chairs for the back deck, but the prices, even at Target? Ouch. Not like I'd even be able to enjoy the furniture year round, either. In MI, we get like 5 months of decent outdoor sitting-on-the-back-porch weather.

  2. Happy early Birthday to Snow White! Hope she has a great time!

    I feel your pain... everything is getting so expensive nowadays. :)